A.B. & J. Noyes Foundation

Guidelines for Grants


If the following criteria is reasonably met by the grantor, the following information is required by the A. B. & J. Noyes Foundation at least 7 weeks before the Annual Meeting:

  1. letter addressed to the Foundation by the Grantor stating the charity/organization he/she is seeking the grant for
  2. enclosure with the grantor letter which explains the charity/organization as stated in C above
  3. Directors reserve the right to approve repeat grants to a specific charity/organization as long as the grantor is actively involved and is serving personal time.

    NOTE: Failure to obtain the necessary grant information in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of the grant.

Grant Registration



What charity/organization do I wish to support?

Am I sure the charity/organization is operating within a tax-exempt status?

Have I obtained a report(s) from the charity/organization stating;

  1. it’s function
  2. capital needed for renovations/structures
  3. dependency upon individual and group donations:
    corporate and small business contributions: foundation grants
  4. community events
  5. development programs
  6. financials/balance sheet & income statement


Am I actively involved spending time serving the charity/organization?

Your Letter